France U18 Crowd Tragedy Witnessed By Arsenal Youngsters

On Thursday evening, France under-18’s took on Ukraine in what looked like a tough proposition for a side which included Arsenal youngsters Francis Coquelin and Gilles Sunu.

Little did they know, a major tragedy was about to occur within the Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel, central France. A parachutist was planned to spectacularly fly in and place the match ball on the pitch. It went completely wrong.

Experienced Parachutist Sylvain Charbrol, crashed unprecedentedly into the crowd wounding two teenagers. Not only was it a horrendous error, but a massive upset in the French community. The teenager suffered a cardiac rest following his injury and died of his wounds in hospital.

The referee immediately called for the match to be suspended, while Coquelin and Sunu looked on in amazement and horror.

France Football Federation President Jean-Pierre Escalette told their official website:

“This type of accident jump demonstration with percussion from the crowd is unprecedented.” “In keeping me from any final conclusion, an investigation by the police is still ongoing, it is likely that Sylvain has poorly understood and appreciated his arrival on stage.”, He said.

“The other six were paratroopers, they posed no problem after the accident. “But themselves do not know what happened, they have not seen anything.”

Everybody at Gooner Talk would like to express their deepest sympathies to the families of those children as well as Sylvain Charbrol’s family.

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13 years ago

Actually it was in center of France, in the “Loiret”.

Nobody knows what happened because he was an experienced parachutist, and he made a huge mistake. But he took a video during the jump, which could explain what happened.

James Couldwell
James Couldwell
13 years ago

This is such a tragedy. I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the family of the poor lad who died after this incident, as well as to the parachutist who must be feeling awful. God bless. James

Connolly's agent
13 years ago

Terrible accident.

13 years ago

rip for the fan

13 years ago

R.I.P to the fan, But what stupid idea making the parachutist put the game ball.

Gooner Ali
13 years ago

Accidents do happen but not the senseless waste of life by the knife. Y’all gotta stop it peoples. Increase the Peace.

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