Lehmann Makes 'Healy-Type' Error In UEFA Cup Tie

Many Arsenal fans regard him as a goalkeeping legend, but there’s no forgetting that Jens Lehmann will always be remembered for those ‘big mistakes in small games‘.

Lehmann’s new club, Vfb Stuttgart, took on Bulgarian minnows Cherno More Varna in the UEFA Cup last week and Die Roten started in decent fashion.

Minutes into the second half, 39-year-old Lehmann received a backpass from Serdar Tasci, the ball subsequently went away from Jens which forced him to slip over – a similar situation to that of David Healy’s goal for Fulham at the start of last season.

Fortunuately for Stuttgart, they came back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 thanks to goals from Thomas Hitzlsperger and Mario Gomez.

Click here to view Lehmann’s goalkeeping mishap.

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Fabregas' Dad
Fabregas' Dad
13 years ago

Lehmann lives quite far from Stuttgart so he gets a helicopter to and from work which apparently really annoys the residents of the town he lives in when he comes late at night and even the mayor is upset with him.

Good to know he hasn’t quit his antics.

Fabregas' Dad
Fabregas' Dad
13 years ago

I actually think he’s still a good goalkeeper, he was easily Germany’s best player in the Euro final.

Connolly's agent
13 years ago

Fab’s dad, I didn’t know that about Jens. Maybe he should take the plane instead, and sky-dive to get home. Would definitely be more considerate to the neighbours.

13 years ago

It’s not Lehmann’s fault. The defender should have put the ball out instead of a back pass that came with pace and the ball wasn’t on the ground.

Even if Lehmann touched the ball with his hands, it’ll be an indirect freekick inside the box cos it’s a back pass.

13 years ago

Good old Lemon…

But his only mistake was being 38-years old, and couldn’t change direction quickly. The pass was awful.

13 years ago

So like this is still top post…?

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