Uneducated Fans Exposed As Times Get Tough Being A Gooner.

Let’s make no mistakes here, Arsenal are terrible at the moment. The defeat to Stoke City was embarrassing for the fans, the club, the players and indeed the manager. Pressure is growing on Arsene Wenger to be sacked for the debacle, and for the lack of a trophy is over 4 seasons.

There is a famous quote which I think has come into prominence in recent weeks. “When Times Get Tough, People Show Their True Colours.” Times are tough at the moment – although we did go through October unbeaten – and the good passage as not let us down.

The Internet is, despite it’s giant popularity, dominated by teenagers. In fact, both me and Gooner-Chris are teenagers as are the majority of the good people who post comments on the respective websites. All I’ve ever known is Arsenal going from strength to strength.

I feel almost spoilt when I look back at our history and see that the Gunners were once an average team, yet were enjoying so much success in my life time. So the patch were experiencing at the moment is unknown for me, but somehow my love is as strong as ever for MY CLUB. Wenger has called for fans support, and that’s exactly what I’m going to give.

However, because the Internet and life in general is dominated by my fellow teenagers, their support for the side is falling away. Because they don’t understand where we have come from, and what Wenger and his ways have done for the club, we are quick to jump on him. Fans look around at the moment, see the likes of Barcelona sacking Frank Rijkaard after two seasons without a trophy, and take that as an example. Young people are easily influenced and behaviour like this has impacted on our club.

People pick holes at our youth policy, but then laud the kids when they smash Sheffield United to pieces in the Carling Cup. You are either with the club or you are not.

We have come from nowhere and we could return to nowhere quickly, let’s not get ahead of ourselves after a few seasons of success. Wenger balances the books correctly, to make sure we are never in any money trouble. Okay, we don’t go out and spend £30 million on a player, but what use would that player be when the club goes out of business.

Wenger is not bigger than Arsenal FC, but there is not many people around with the knack and intelligence to focus on all aspects of the club. It may surprise you, but unlike your Football Manager games, when the club goes bust, that’s it, game over, no reset button.

I urge all of my fellow Gooners to look back through the history books at what this club was, what it is, and what it can be. Wenger is important to all aspects of that, but he needs your time, and your support. If you won’t do it for him, do it for Arsenal, if you’re a true Gooner, you love the club whoever is in charge.


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