The Next Two Months Will Tell Wenger Much About His Squad

The above sounds like the headline of a team destined for the pit of the Premier League – the relegation zone. However, it is very much a positive headline in my opinion.


Because Wenger has spent the past 3 to 4 years searching for his next great squad. He has sold and bought many players in the past few years, looking for the winning formula. The time between now and the opening of the transfer market will tell him which of his players really have the stomach for the fight ahead.

Let’s be realistic here, Villa will not challenge Arsenal for 4th place. That is not arrogance, it’s simply acknowledgement of the fact that Villa do not have the strength in depth of Arsenal. So the next few months will not be a struggle for Champions League football, it will be a trial period for the squad as a whole. Last night against Fenerbahce, he played Ramsey, Djourou, and Fabianski.

Seemingly, every position is up for grabs. Wenger is going to learn which of his players really care about the badge emblazoned on the shirt. Will Fabregas pull the team through this difficult period? Which goalkeeper will finally show his worth? Which of our defenders will be the aerially-dominant player that we have been crying out for?

All of these questions and many more will be solved in the coming weeks. Mark my words: the clouds will soon pass. Arsenal possess flair players and weak-hearted individuals, but somewhere in the dressing room is a group of winners who will pull us out of the trenches. I fully believe Wenger will build his next squad around these players. Call it blind instinct or optimism, but I suspect Wenger has maybe, just maybe learned his lesson in regards to his transfer market frugality. He will find his solid core of winners, and add to them in January and/or this summer.

Right now, Arsenal as a squad are going through some very testing circumstances that will test their mental strength. Don’t get me wrong, I am just tired of the Wenger spin machine as the next Gooner, however I do believe Wenger will use his experience at some point and do what is necessary to secure a title. Human nature dictates so. He has spent the past years building a reputation here. Many people credit the building of the Emirates to him.

Simply put, he has a bronze statue to justify. He will not want these past years to go down the drain because of a few trying years. He is human – he will want his cut of the glory. Wenger will soon do what is necessary to dominate England once again. As idealistic as he may be, he still has a burning desire to send his squad of footballers out of London Colney and into the footballing grounds around Europe to spread his idealogy.

Whether that means splashing cash or not, in the long run we will get there.

Have faith in our manager. He is not losing the plot, he is not going mental. He still knows what is required to win the league. We are talking about the man who completely revolutionised the game in England as we know it. Do not disparage the intelligence he has. I am not for advocating blind faith, as I get just as frustrated with him playing 4 central midfielders against Stoke as the next guy, but soon enough he will learn his lesson. In the meantime, enjoy Arsenal’s football and let Wenger have the time he needs to finalise our squad.

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13 years ago

i saw this really interesting piece of setanta which writes about how with djourou in the team we have yet to concede in something like 700 minutes of football since drawing 1-1 with the spuds last year in carling cup. play him tomorrow wenger!!!

Gooner Chris
13 years ago

Ah, cheers for the link Chris.

Djourou is a very good defender, I personally rate him above both Silvestre and Senderos. He’s strong in the air, and when it comes to winning the ball, he uses his quick-witted technique to get the defence out of trouble.

Manchester United preview coming later this evening – stay tuned. 😉

13 years ago

yea man i hope we win tml.

Gunner for life!

Gooner Chris
13 years ago

So do I, let’s hope we’ll get a dazzling performance from the lads! 😉

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