Crunch time for Arsenal

The loss to Aston Villa all but ends Arsenal’s title aspirations. If they are to be any threat they need to win all of their games to the end of the year, a tall order from this squad.

What the recent games revealed is a Gunner’s team which lacks spine down the middle, has a midfield with no bite, and does not play well when they concede the first goal. They have the ability to compete with the best but they are plagued with inconsistency.

The biggest problem is in midfield where Denilson just isn’t a holding midfielder. Too often he’s in the same area of the field as Cesc and not providing the kind of cover the Gunners need. I really thought Song would play today to stiffen the midfield, but Wenger went with Denilson and we came off second best in midfield. Would Song have made a difference? I don’t know, perhaps a little.

Bendtner has proved that he cannot play the role of lone striker. Wenger sent him on a fool’s errand out there and too often he looked stranded and ineffective. He plays better when partnered with another striker.

The only time we were dangerous was when Walcott had the ball. Nasri had a forgettable game today and Cesc looked tired and harried.

Defensively, we appear vulnerable much too often. Manchester United opened us up five or six times and couldn’t convert. Today Villa did the same thing and did convert. The Gunners lack a solid back four and one watches them play with one’s heart in one’s throat the entire game.

Arsenal have a better chance winning the Champion’s League than the Premier League. The tight aggressive style of English football works against them. The referees in domestic games let the Gunner’s opponents get away with much more physical play.

Arsene Wenger needs to break down and buy a holding midfielder, someone who can add more muscle to the Arsenal midfield. If the team loses another game by December 31st, we might as well kiss this season goodbye.


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