It’s That Time Of Year Again… Cashley Cole Banknotes!

This article is mainly aimed at the supporters making the short trip across North London to West London tomorrow afternoon – even if you’re not going, pass the Cashley Notes onto your mates.

Arsene Wenger has been saying he “hopes we leave Cole alone.” Why Arsene? Just why? Obviously as the manager of Arsenal he has to say these nice things about Ashley Cole, however we the fans are allowed to voice exactly our opinions.

When Gallas left Chelsea the Club sent out statements saying how he’s disrupted the club and just wanted money (it’s does beg the question why they wanted Cole to replace him but oh well) whereas Arsenal picked out what Cole had done for the club. That’s class. Chelsea do not have class.

I’d love to be going tomorrow, it’s going to be an amazing game to be at; if anyone wants to give me an early Xmas present you know where I am!

Gooner Talk have managed to get hold of the infamous Cashley banknotes. So, click here to open the PDF file, and click print. Then, cut them out, put them in your pocket and when Cashley gets the ball – wave them at him!

A match preview will be avaliable tomorrow afternoon while a live match stream will be posted shortly before kick-off. Enjoy!

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13 years ago

Lol, I’m not going but my mate is. I’ll print some off for him.

Gooner Chris
13 years ago

Top man. 😉

Lightning Kev
Lightning Kev
13 years ago

the best part of the whole story is that clichy is better than him!

13 years ago

I was wondering if someone could enlighten me about his chant with the 10 men and the mobile phone. Did I miss something?

Gooner Chris
13 years ago

News of the World published photos of him and a popular DJ in a nightclub. Apparently they played ‘games’ with their ‘mobile phones’. Google the rest mate. 😉

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