Fiszman Takes Different Opinion On Draw & Your Views

Danny Fiszman and Arsene Wenger both have differing views on Arsenal’s Champions League draw after the Gunners were drawn with Italian giants AS Roma earlier this morning.

French tactician Wenger revealed this afternoon that the draw is a ’50-50′ for the north London side, but club director Fiszman gave an alternative view whilst speaking to the media today.

Fiszman said.

“I think it is a good draw for us. We have stayed away from the favourite of the moment (Barca) and we have also stayed away from Panathinaikos, which meant a long trip.

“We have a good record against Roma, we are pleased with the draw.

“I think it is the old cliche, there isn’t an easy game, but it is an exciting draw, exciting for the fans.

“Our fans will have the chance to go to Rome and hopefully we will do it twice.

Luciano Spalletti’s technically astute team go into the knockout stages in great form after winning their final three matches in this season’s competition.

Roma will look to Francesco Totti and in-form midfielder Matteo Brighi to lead them to the final in their own stadium.

First leg ties are scheduled to be played on 24/25 February, while the return legs will be played on 10/11 March.

Full Draw:

Chelsea v Juventus
Villarreal v Panathinaikos
Sporting Lisbon v Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid v Porto
Lyon v Barcelona
Read Madrid v Liverpool
Arsenal v AS Roma
Inter Milan v Manchester United

So, Arsenal will be pitting their wits against the Italian stallions. What do you make of this tough-looking Champions League draw? Give your views in the comments seciton below!

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13 years ago

I’m pretty happy with the draw to be honest. I’m just glad it wasn’t Barca.

We’ve got a good record in Italy, and we flogged them at their place last time me met.

Also, they’re doing even worse than us this season. Six losses in the league so far and they’re in tenth place I think.

I’m rather confident.

13 years ago

i believe we got one of the easier draws that we could have, it was either roma or panathanaikos for me so im pretty happy with it.

Gunner Jillu
Gunner Jillu
13 years ago

very happy with draw, maybe we can have a “special” player by then! as if, all the special plyers over our budget. Guess it depends whay u define as special, special now and coud be special in 3 yrs time are two different things

13 years ago

How long is Cassetti’s arm?? 😛

Eddie Yak
Eddie Yak
13 years ago

It actually does not matter whether the opponent is Barcelona, AC Milan, Roma or any other top team because if we want the Champions Trophy then Arsenal must be capable of beating every one of these teams. If Arsenal is not on the same level then there is no chance. I believe very strongly Arsenal is up there with the best of the bests but the youngster must not buckle under intense pressure and choke. They must play like there is no tomorrow and the win will automatically come. Easily said than done !

13 years ago

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