Gunners Set to Reload/ Possible Pole Vault

With the return of a plethora of players, namely Cesc, Theo, and Bendtner, it appears that there is a light at the end of the international week tunnel. Last game, Arsenal were once again taught a lesson in professionalism and efficient football, but this weekend gives the squad the chance to start afresh. If we can go on a winning streak for a fair amount of games, we’ll be right in with a shout. And, without tempting the fates, surely our injury crisis has gotten as bad as it can possibly get and is now on the rebound. Seven points behind after 7 games wouldn’t be considered ideal, yet all teams in the league have shown fragilities which can and will be exposed. It’s up to the squad now to focus on their own game and let the other teams go as they may.

Secondly, it will be interesting to see who gets the nod to start in goal at the weekend. Almunia most likely is recovered from whatever phantom injury he suffered a few weeks ago, so this weekend should see a real statement of intent in regards to which keeper Wenger supports most. Will it be Fabianski, the man who is in a vein of form, at least for him? Or will he restore Almunia once again, someone who, it has to be said, has his critics? Between the two, I’d spring for Fabianski. At least if he makes mistakes, it can be chalked up to youth. With Almunia, however, what you see is what you get, and it appears most Gooners have seen enough.

In terms of returning players, Bendtner’s might be timed just perfectly. Thus far, Marouane Chamakh has had to carry the entirety of the forward responsibilities, so the confident Dane should now get the chance to relieve the Moroccan. Bendnter can definitely frustrate, but his talent cannot be denied. He has scored some vital goals already in his fledgling career, so hopefully his season can start with aplomb this weekend.

Finally, this article would not be complete without mention for Aaron Ramsey. It’s great to have him back; he’s a young lad who was just beginning to enjoy his game until he was horribly injured. He has the world at his shoe laces, so here’s to him getting back to his best and providing Le Boss with even more of a selection headache.


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