Who’s being sold off this Summer?

 It is hard to be fairly certain of anything in an uncertain world. Outside of death, what else can you predict universally? I’ll tell you one thing you can predict: football clubs will stir the pot every single summer by shipping out half the roster and replacing it. It happens like clockwork.

Football isn’t like many other sports out there. If you are a fan of other types of sport, you can put stock in an athlete and care less about the team. With footy, you had better be a loyalist to your club, lest your heart be shattered when they trade, transfer or loan your #1 out at the drop of a hat.

Players bounce around like a ball on the never-ending online roulette wheel in this sport. And even though there’s still some football left to be played, we’d all be remiss not to take a look at potential off-season moves.

Who will Arsenal boot and who will they keep this summer? It goes without saying that the Gunners have fallen on difficult times. A loss to Birmingham City in the Carling Cup, another L to Barcelona in the round of 16, a loss to Man U, Djourou out for the season, Szczesny out for two months – it certainly piles up in a hurry.

To round it all out, Arsenal’s replacements have stunk on ice, and fans are rightfully upset, demanding the release of first teamers and fringers alike. No one is safe from the wrath.

 Among those who may receive his walking papers is Mark Randall. Although he’s a rarity in first team footy, his lackluster performances in the Emirates have sullied his reputation and seemed to have destroyed his confidence. Randall may be out while it’s still worth it and simply to free up some room for prospects.

Every top online casino and sports book in the nation had Sebastien Squillaci contributing something solid to the club, but he’s been all bust and no boom since his arrival last summer. Truthfully, the EPL seems too tough for the 30-year-old defender, and ditching him for someone with more intestinal fortitude would be in the club’s best interest.

Lastly, and it might pain some fans to mention him, but Abou Diaby needs to fade away to bring in some new blood. Sure, with injuries plaguing the man you cannot expect him to have the same type of year he had the one previous, but going from 60 to 0 is simply the wrong direction.

More players will probably end up far removed from the club’s sight, a dozen or more if Wenger wants to stave off riots, but these three players make a good starting point.

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