Win every Monday off for the whole season with Yahoo! Your Goals

If you’re a football fan, Monday is the day you either wake up fresh wanting to rewatch the highlights of that victory – or hide away after that terrible defeat.

As every loyal football supporter knows, Monday morning will bring about one of 2 extreme emotions. It will either be all about savouring a triumphant victory or it will be all about wallowing in defeat.

Yahoo! Your Goals has stepped in with answer – whatever has happened over the weekend. They’re running a competition that gives you every Monday morning off for the whole season. Yes, that’s right the WHOLE season.

All football fans have to do to enter the competition, and give themselves a chance of winning this amazing prize, is to sign up to the Yahoo! Your Goals newsletter. Even if they don’t win they’ll get Premier League highlights straight to their inbox every Monday morning.

Here are some of the details of this incredible competition:

* This is a competition that’s being promoted through handpicked blogs so you are part of an exclusive group of people with the chance to win this incredible prize.

* To enter users must submit their application as detailed on the prize draw entry submission page at http://www.yahoo.co.uk/yourgoals

*  The closing date of the competition is 23:59 hours (UK time) on the 26th August 2011.

* Yahoo! will select one winner at random from amongst the complete entries on August 30th 2011.

* For the prize Yahoo! will cover the cost to the winner’s employer of half a day off work. Yahoo! will contact the winner’s employer and offer the employer the cash equivalent of 0.5 days per week off work of the winner’s salary from 15th August 2011 to 21st May 2012.

* If the winner’s employer chooses not to allow the winner to take Monday morning’s off work, then Yahoo! will give the winner the cash equivalent. The contribution prize is capped at £5k (subject to availability).

* To enter you must be over 16 and a resident of the UK. Only one entry per person is permitted.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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