Rice: 'The players we have brought in are better than what you think'

Arsenal assistant manager Pat Rice feels that the Gunners’ new signings are much better than what they have been given credit for, and admits the season has just started for the club after last month’s mauling at Old Trafford.

The 62-year-old took charge of the team during Tuesday’s 1-1 draw against Borussia Dortmund, with manager Arsene Wenger banned from the dugout due to UEFA handing him a two-match suspension.

Rice admitted after the game that Dortmund were as good as he expected and was delighted with how the Arsenal defence managed to fend off their attacks for most of the game.

“You can’t be a bad side if you win the German title. No chance. Dortmund proved that this evening. Even when they were a goal down they kept coming and coming and coming.

“It’s a high quality skill to be able to hold them off, thankfully all of our boys did that.

“It feels from my point of view that the season is just starting because things are quieting down.

“There’s a buzz in the dressing-room, because there was uncertainty before hand. People are now looking forward to playing and the players who have come in, contrary to what other people think, are bloody good players.”


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