Arsenal need Fellaini and fresh eyes

The way the transfer window in the summer of 2011 at Arsenal was handled, let alone this January, has been proven to have been exceptionally poor. Park is not an Arsenal player. Shirt sales in Korea and a good attitude are all he has brought. Thierry Henry being used in a 4-3-3 is an inefficient use of his strengths and exaggerates what he is no longer able to do – rather than what he can. Why are Arsenal in this position? I think Wenger has written off this season and does not feel he can get the players of the requisite calibre to regain a Champions League place during January, so he will persist with players that he probably knows cannot without a significant turnaround of Arsenal’s injury situation. 

In lieu of Wilshere who could control a game with his conducting of the tempo, and Diaby who occasionally ran games against lesser teams with his sheer size and possession ability; the squad lacks controllers, dominators and leaders.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one player dominate such a high quality team from the middle of the park in the way that Marouane Fellaini did for Everton against Manchester City. He stepped all over them and passed with maturity, brains and technique. His height, strength, finesse and raw aggression lifted Everton throughout the game consistently. Aaron Ramsey, in contrast, is playing far too many games and his form has been blighted by inconsistency, fatigue and sadness over Gary Speed. I love Song’s work rate, Ramsey’s skill, Arteta’s touch and of course Wilshere’s all round game but the aura of Vieira (or even Cesc) is no longer there. Arsenal have missed in many games is a personality in the centre of the pitch that Arsenal can hang their hat onto in times of difficulty. The midfield have become weak passengers in so many games this season. Wilshere shows moments of becoming the personality needed, but Fellaini is there now. Wenger must rebuild this summer and make ambitious improvements with technical, tough, ambitious footballers like him. 

Wenger is an exceptional finder of talent, but above that he is a club talisman more than Henry or Adams have ever been – but he is fallible and is making mistakes. His power base and general grass root support among Arsenal fans is proving his undoing. He hasn’t had the pressure or the checks and balances to force him to demand improvement. 

The Aston Villa FA Cup game covered a dearth of cracks and hid many sins. The squad needs upheaval, the coaching looks tired, there aren’t enough leaders in the spine – and it’s not about injuries anymore. It’s about weak signings, poor planning and total complacency that Arsenal should always be the finest team in London. The elephant in the room is talking about Wenger among hardcore fans. Blogs, journalists, fickle supporters and those prone to dissatisfaction have traditionally been his main critics. Now those that question him are gaining support and the argument about “Who could replace him” is as weak as it is dated. Do those who commentate on the subject seriously think that Hiddink, Moyes, Klopp could not get goals out of Robin van Persie or saves out of Szczesny? 

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