5 things we learnt from Arsenal's AGM.. featuring Wenger, Kroenke & Gazidis


1. Gazidis says Arsenal haven’t ‘withheld funds’ from manager Arsene Wenger..

“There is inaccurate analysis about cash available. It is simply not the case that we are hoarding a vast cash balance for some unspecified reason.”

2. Arsenal’s wage bill ISN’T higher than Chelsea’s..

3. Arsenal could revert to their old 4-4-2 formation at some point in the season..

“4-4-2 is something we explore. You will certainly see it during the season”, said Wenger.

4. Wenger blames Arsenal’s mounting injury problems on the 2014 World Cup..


Wenger: “This year the injuries are for me post-World Cup injuries. They are not soft tissue, they are accidental injuries.”

“I agree we could have bought one more player – we didn’t find him. We will try to rectify that in December and January.”

5. Arsenal’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke on holding an annual general meeting..


“If we did this in US, they’d probably need two weeks holiday, because fans would have so much fun grilling the owners.”

During the AGM it was also revealed that Theo Walcott will make his comeback for the Arsenal U21s tomorrow while Gunners’ chairman Sir Chips Keswick revealed that a £3m fee paid to Stan Kroenke’s KSE company was proposed by himself and fellow board member Lord Harris.

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7 years ago

Wenger Out!!!

Timmy Onugbo
Timmy Onugbo
7 years ago

Certainly wenger needs 2 go! We’ve hd it up2 d neck! He hs 2 leave else our dear club dies.

7 years ago

No1- why was not loic remy accquired.2 song was available as a holding midfielder why coud’nt he be taken. Rosicky is being sidelined why! Jack whiltshire is dwarf too mix wid the big boys! Can’t wenger see that! If he plays podolski as a striker things will definitely be diffrnt! The sale of carlos vela what a bad decision but he instead keeps dead wood like diaby on arsenals payroll! So type of top economist is wenger! Is diaby not a liability!catch a wake up wenger!shape up or ship out! We very tired now too see such a huge club… Read more »

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