Alexis Sanchez sends lorries of aid for flooded hometown of Tocopilla

Alexis Sanchez is not only a great footballer but also a kind, generous guy as this latest charitable gesture shows.

The 26-year-old Chilean international has seen his place of birth badly affected by torrential storms and floods which have destroyed infrastructure and seen over 800 people evacuated from their homes.

La Tercera report that Sanchez sent two lorries to Tocopilla on Monday with first aid supplies, something that the town’s mayor Fernando San Roman was quick to praise the Arsenal man for.

“He hasn’t forgotten about his land and that’s why he wanted to be involved. He spoke to us in order to send aid to the people of Tocopilla.

“We initially discussed bottled water, some basic first-aid products and clothing among other things and it’s already in the region.”

Sanchez’s close relationship with his homeland was revealed in a BBC documentary last season:

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