Arsenal fan pays tribute to Alexis Sanchez in his university thesis

Arsenal fans adore Alexis Sanchez and will go to any length to show how much they appreciate him as a player.

The Chile star has already scored seven goals in 11 games for the Gunners this season and remains one of the club’s most influential attacking players.

One Gooner went as far as thanking the 26-year-old in his university honours thesis for ‘providing him happiness over the past year’.

“My area for this thesis is in aerospace engineering. This was an undergraduate thesis and it was focused on applying Polynomial Chaos Theory to numerical problems in the aerospace field, with an experimental validation performed on an aircraft T-Tail. Evidently I needed some Alexis Sanchez-type inspiration to push through it!”

Although the anonymous fan’s thesis had absolutely nothing to do with Sanchez whatsoever, he certainly deserves some praise for flying the Arsenal colours in his piece of work.

Here’s exactly what was written:


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