Will Arsenal win the 2015-16 Premier League? – Part Two

Elneny and Wenger

Yet another transfer window has come and passed, and Arsenal are left with one player bought. How would the Gunners fare in the title race with this new player, and would they fare any better than without him? A question often asked after a transfer window is how effective a purchase or sale can be; a purchase will never weaken a club, as it adds another option and dimension to that team’s style of play.

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The question is not whether or not the inbound or outbound player has affected the club or not, it’s the magnitude of the effects. In Arsenal’s case, a conclusion is not easily drawn: El-Neny was bought recently, and has only played one game at the time of writing. However, there are many positives to be seen from his sole performance thus far, as he was alongside Francis Coquelin and demonstrated that he – as previously stated by myself and others – is more of a player to cover Santi Cazorla or Aaron Ramsey than one to cover the aforementioned Coquelin.


This leaves the cover issue ever-present regardless, doesn’t it? Yes, and no: El-Neny is quite a versatile player, one who can play across the midfield, or defence if need be. While he can cover for the Ramsey-type or Santi-type in midfield, he can also cover for Coquelin with his strength, pace, and stamina. With Carl Jenkinson back from his loan, albeit injured, Arsenal seem to have weakened rather than strengthened with the loan of Debuchy to Bordeaux – a club perhaps above his current attitude.

Regardless, the return of key injured players such as the aforementioned Coquelin, dynamic Alexis Sánchez, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, the forgotten Danny Welbeck, and the like, you could say we made several signings in January, to use the oft-quoted Arsenal trope. This trope does hold merit, however, as the competition for places will undoubtedly spur our players into form, as we’ve seen with Alexis’ goal against Burnley. It only takes some competition to foster the best in our players, whether they are the now-bearded Giroud, or the yet-to-be bearded Alexis.


Arsenal, as previously stated, have the best chance they’ve possessed in quite a while to win the league, and this chance mustn’t be squandered. Whether the league is won by a point, on goal difference, or through the return of an in-form, sizzling Alexis Sánchez to bind with Mesut Özil, with the stability of Francis Coquelin… All of those big names, and we’re talking about players Arsenal has won games without, largely.

It’s said every season, but this may well be Arsenal’s season. In my eyes, a league title is the aim, and nothing less will suffice.

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