Greater cohesion required from Arsenal’s attacking trio

The disjointed attacking displays by Arsenal this season in their matches versus Leicester, Southampton and PSG games have reiterated the need for Wenger to ensure that he selects particular wingers which best compliment the style of play and strengths of the chosen centre forward in order to foster greater attacking cohesion.

For example, Alexis when deployed in the centre forward role likes to drop closer to the midfield to join in the build up play. To best capitalise on the space Alexis creates by vacating the centre forward area, Arsenal need to deploy wingers like Perez and Walcott who are effective at making off the ball diagonal runs into that space and beyond the opposition’s defensive line.

Alternatively, when a player like Perez or Walcott is deployed in the centre forward role, they like to sit on the shoulder of the last defender and make runs beyond the opposition’s defensive line wherever possible. To best capitalise on the off the ball movement of this style of player, Arsenal need creative passing wingers like Ramsey and Cazorla who are effective at combining with the central attacking midfielder to create opportunities for the centre forward to make those attacking off the ball runs.

Whereas for a player like Giroud who is strong in the air, good at flicks and knock on and likes to take up central positions in the opposition’s penalty box, either effective crosses of the ball like Ox and Ozil to capitalise on Giroud’s aerial presence or penetrative and direct dribblers like Iwobi and Sanchez who can play off Giroud’s deft touch to create goal scoring opportunities better compliment Giroud’s strengths than Cazorla, Ramsey, Walcott or Perez who are relatively poor at dribbling and/or crossing.

So far this season Arsenal’s front three have lacked cohesion and for me that’s due to the selection of wingers whose strengths simply do not compliment the strengths of the chosen centre forward. Addressing this issue will in my opinion result in a more cohesive and threaten Arsenal.

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