Hector Bellerin: Lots of speculation but no validity?

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(Before the article, I’d like to add that he trained normally today without any signs of injury contrary to some reports).

During the boring international break, there has been a lot of talk about a possible move to Manchester City or Barcelona for Arsenal’s star right-back, Hector Bellerin. Reports are speculating that Guardiola is looking at him and Leonardo Bonucci to boost his somewhat inconsistent defence, while Barcelona are looking for a long-term replacement following the departure of Dani Alves in the summer. As soon as the reports broke, every Arsenal fan wondered ‘are we going to go through this again?’ Let’s make one thing clear before we start, it is now pretty well-known that City enquired in July about Bellerin, and were told he’s not for sale, Arsenal have no intention of letting him go and the player doesn’t seem to want to leave.

It looks as though it’s just another made-up story that you can create quickly and that looks plausible, Pep was at Barcelona when Bellerin was at La Masia so it would make sense that he wants him now, and that seems to be the only reasonable logic. In terms of Barcelona the move doesn’t even make sense at the moment, Aleix Vidal has been bought for €18 million and Sergi Roberto has been outstanding at right-back (even though it’s not his natural position) since Alves left. We also need to take into account that we don’t have to sell anymore, if the player wants to stay, then he’ll stay.


The reports are a direct consequence of the lack of quality young right-backs on the market at the moment, Serge Aurier seemingly lacks sense, Carvajal is a total Madrista, so by process of elimination, Bellerin is the most promising player in his position in Europe. Bellerin has a contract with Arsenal until 2019 and the club are looking to extend it, he clearly loves the club, the city, the country, has settled in England, he has a guaranteed spot in the starting XI, so there is no reason for him to leave just yet, a different case than Fabregas, whose dream was to return to Barcelona. We have seen on many occasions, however, that players who seemingly are settled at the club, eventually leave for bigger and better things, so Bellerin’s departure cannot be completely ruled out.

At this current point in time, Bellerin is at a club that has emerged from years of austerity and is finally able to compete again. Arsenal have arguably got their best squad in recent years and maybe one of the best in England. Within that squad, Bellerin is firmly entrenched as the starting right-back and is playing at a very high level. Yes, the allure to play for Pep Guardiola is tempting but there is not guarantee that Manchester City will be the successful juggernaut that everyone is predicting – those could be famous last words. Barcelona also offer Bellerin the chance to return home and possibly win more trophies, but if you look back at how many become better leaving Arsenal for Barcelona, there aren’t many.


Bellerin has the chance to carry Arsenal into a new period of success. To be so young and playing week in, week out in the Premier League is some achievement and will only improve him as a player. Although I could be wrong, the recent speculation seems to be the normal paper talk surrounding contract negotiations. We will wait and see but I’m confident that Bellerin will sign a new contract at Arsenal and stay for a few more seasons at least.

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