Kroenke reaffirms faith in Wenger


Arsenal held their yearly meeting with fans this morning. In light of Arsenal’s current form it was a relatively positive forum – unlike previous years – whereby Ivan Gazidis reiterated the work Arsenal are doing off the pitch and the need for unity at the club. Meanwhile, Arsenal’s major shareholder, Stan Kroenke, spoke of his continuing faith in Arsene Wenger, as reported by ESPN.

‘He’s been a wonderful influence on the club, we are all very high on Arsene. We are [joint] top of the table right now. I know a number of owners that are very successful that say the same thing — the hardest thing to do is be consistently competitive at the top of the league.’

‘Arsene has always done that and Arsenal has always been in that position. We have always been competitive. We may not always win the things we want to win. We are very focused on winning for sure the league. Arsene’s been consistently at the top and I will tell you — it’s very, very hard to do if you look around sports.’


Arsenal have not won the League since 2004 – their unbeaten season – but have maintained their place in the top four every season. Wenger has always managed to attain the minimal goal but has received heavy criticism for not pushing Arsenal to become title winners, especially after the complete capitulation last season. With his contract still in limbo, and if this indeed his last season, the Frenchman will want to finish on a high with a League title.

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