AC Milan and Juventus to target Cazorla in the summer


Although much of the news has centred around Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez’s contract negotiations, one of their other star players, Santi Cazorla has also yet to sign a new deal with the club. Cazorla’s contract runs out next summer, due to this, Italian news outlet Calciomercato (h/t talksport), reports that both AC Milan and Juventus will target Cazorla in the summer.

If Cazorla does not sign a new deal he will be available for a free transfer next summer and has thus attracted plenty of interest including Villareal and Atletico Madrid. Not only will Cazorla be available to leave on a free in the summer but he will also be available to negotiate and agree on a deal in January. 

Even though Cazorla is in the twilight of his career, the Spanish magician is integral to Arsenal as proven by his absence this season and last season, both of which saw Arsenal’s form significantly drop. As of yet, Arsenal do not have a player who can replicate his creativity in midfield, it would be foolish to let him leave even though his 31-years-old. 

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