Arsene Wenger tips this country to be the next global powerhouse

Arsene Wenger has singled out India as the next country to embrace football, while also being cautious of the Chinese Super League. 

Although China has quickly become a financial powerhouse in the world of football, Arsene Wenger still believes the Chinese Super League has some way to go before it can rival the Premier League. Wenger – who was a part of the J-League when it first formed – believes China must first create a solid fanbase and culture of football for the League to grow. 

“It takes years of culture and work. You don’t create a top league just like that. In England it was created 150 years ago and we still struggle.”

“It’s a slow process of creating a football culture. You are educated as a little boy by your parents about football and that goes through the next generations. And that takes time to be a really big part of the population.”

“In China it’s new. So it will take time. We don’t know in 10 years’ time that China will still do it. Sometimes it’s a political decision that can change. I expect India to come to the game and I hope it will happen.”

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