Deal Confirmed: Arsenal sign another star to new contract

Although Santi Cazorla has been out for almost three months with an ankle injury, Arsene Wenger insisted he would activate a one-year option on the Spaniard’s deal. It now seems the deal has already been signed according to the FA Website. 

In the FA’s list of ‘Players under Written Contract Registered’ from last month, Santi Cazorla is shown to have been registered on December 20. What this means, is that Arsenal have apparently activated the one-year extension on the player to take his new deal up to the summer of 2018. 

It appears only a matter of time until the Gunners announce the Spaniard’s deal as they recently confirmed deals for Laurent Koscielny – in combination with Coquelin and Giroud – and Per Mertesacker, who’s names also fetaure on the list of registered players. 

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