Sol Campbell – This is why Wenger won’t bring in ex-players

Sol Campbell admits he’s unlikely to become part of Arsenal’s coaching staff while Arsene Wenger remains at the club, he told Metro in an exclusive interview. 

Wenger has long been criticised for the lack of inclusion of ex-players in his managerial team, notably Tony Adams, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira. All three are legends of the club, yet all three have had to look elsewhere for work in management, something Sol Campbell spoke of. 

“I think you have the evidence there in front of you.”

“I think Arsene just has his team, has his frequency and maybe he doesn’t want to change that frequency too much. He has a model that he’s happy with and he might change in the future, who knows.”

“He probably thinks he has everything he needs at the moment.”

Asked if he still sees himself coaching in the future, Campbell didn’t rule himself out of coaching at Arsenal somewhere down the line. 

“I’d love to, I’d love to. But I think Arsene has his own team but I’d love to be able to do that. I’d love to work in football, love to. I’ve got to wait for the right opportunity, I’ve got knock on doors, I’ve got to find and cultivate deals and hopefully a sporting director and owner will give me a chance to have an interview in front of them.”


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