Why Arsenal must pay Alexis whatever he wants

Arsenal probably have Europe’s hottest property at their disposal and it’s not very hard to understand why. The Gunners’ prized possession Alexis Sanchez has set the Premier League alight with one scintillating display after another, mixed in with a range of skills, trickery and confidence.

The Chile forward has been in the vanguard of Arsenal’s fast-fainting title challenge and is succinctly the reason why Arsenal are placed second in the Premier League table and in with a chance of beating Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 fixture later this February. But for him, one can imagine the situation at The Emirates Stadium.

Perhaps, that makes you think as to why have Arsenal not shattered their current wage structure to tie down a player who has been giving so much without necessarily getting even a quarter of that back – may it be in monetary terms or success. Wenger has maintained that the money isn’t a problem anymore, so what’s the point of dragging the contract talks all the way to the final few months when nearly every big boy would be after him? In so many words, no offer would be enough for a player as industrious and dedicated, no offer at all.

Truth is, Alexis may have easily left the club for bigger and better things elsewhere – Juventus and Bayern Munich’s interest is no secret. In an era wherein even an unfinished product like Saido Berahino can force a transfer, for Alexis to issue a come and get me plea won’t have been difficult at all, but he didn’t do it and that decision only reflects his belief in the team, the manager and his love for the club and its fans. That mind you, is a rare sight these days, especially in London.

“Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal”, not in the sense that there’s no Arsenal without him but in the description that he perfectly sums up the Arsenal spirit of gallantry, self-confidence and a fearless approach towards the game that eventually aims to amuse the fans, the fans who pay high prices to watch their team play. If Tony Adams represented the Arsenal of the past, Alexis does it in the modern times. One simply won’t have imagined the Gunners taking to the field without Tony Adams since he was what the club was all about – he was Arsenal’s driving force, he was “The Arsenal”. Alexis has earned a similar reputation during his three years in North London and established himself as the North Londoners’ icon. You think Arsenal and you think Alexis Sanchez.

Surely, it’d be an absolute shame if the Gunners were to let Alexis leave, since here we aren’t talking about a player but a leader and the soul, the spirit of the club itself. Mind, that’s not to suggest that the Chilean is bigger than the club – no player has that sort of a status – but it’s a shot in the foot to sell a player who has so much to offer. The message is clear: Give Alexis whatever he wants, he deserves it.

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