Arsene Wenger: “I’m not happy with our performance”

Arsenal’s 3-1 loss puts them 12 points behind Chelsea and pretty much out of the title race for yet another year. Although his team lost, Arsene Wenger believes that the Gunners were on the wrong end of one major decision, as he told Arsenal

While Arsenal can’t argue with Chelsea’s second and third goals, Marcos Alonso’s first was scored in somewhat contentious fashion. Before he headed the ball into the net, Alonso appeared to elbow Hector Bellerin in the face, resulting in the latter being substituted. 

“I think it’s very disappointing because we were very dangerous early on and we didn’t take our chance, and after that we conceded a goal that was a foul. After that we put Chelsea in a position that they like to be in – on counter-attacks.”

“On top of that I’m not happy with our performance overall. We lacked decisiveness, we lacked belief in what we did, and even if it was a difficult game I think we have not done well enough.Individually we were not at our best and in a big game that makes it very difficult. We lost balls in areas where you cannot afford to lose the ball.”

“We came out for the second half and straight away we gave a goal away in a position… already against Watford we gave a goal away like that, with people marching through our midfield and defence. And of course at 2-0 it is too difficult.”

“We have to regroup and respond very well in the next one.”

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