Arsenal are Wembley bound but key club issues need to be addressed

So, Arsenal as expected managed to beat Lincoln City and move on to the FA Cup semi-finals. Kudos to the visitors for the fight and resolve they put on display in the first half. Unfortunately for them and fortunately enough for us, they soon tired in the 2nd half and the goal floodgates were opened. There were some brilliant goals namely from Alexis and Giroud, and some that were courtesy of calamitous defending but hey, that’s what you can expect when you play against a team that’s 3 divisions below you.

The victory means that we are within touching distance of some much needed silverware this season but this should not in any way make mask the deep lying issues we are currently facing within the club. On one hand, you can’t help but be happy for your club and the fact that it stands a chance to win a “major” trophy but you also have to question if we realistically stand a chance of actually going on to win the F.A Cup. Chelsea and Mourinho seem to have mastered the art of giving us headache, spurs seem to be picking up steam and so do Manchester City. All these teams except Sp*rs have given us a beating to forget in the near past. Then there is the issue of the current status of the team. Wenger is still holding the club hostage, Alexis and Ozil seem ready to move on, and the fan revolt is just gaining more ground with each and every defeat.

You can say all you like about the banners and the manner in which the protests are carried out but you can’t ignore the fact that all these are genuine attempts to find a solution to the issues currently plaguing the team. Wenger, for some reason other than consistency and good financial performance has a 2 year deal waiting for him to be signed. This baffles the minds of many and puts into question the desire and the ambition of the club and board to win trophies.

Arsenal is a football club that should be challenging for trophies rather than chasing profits. This is all the fans ask for. If the manager can’t lead his team to do this, then why not kindly ask him to step aside rather than give him a new contract? Then comes the consistent capitulation in the league and champions league. Not only is getting past this stage a sort of mental block for the players but it is also one wall Wenger has failed to get over for the past 7 years in a row. Arsene Wenger in his defense when asked about possibly being replaced by a new manager next season went on to say that him leaving Arsenal isn’t a guarantee that the next coach would win every game and he is right but you just can’t keep losing at the same stage, in the same manner and to the same teams every time and expect people to stomach that for 7 years on the bounce.

I am happy for the progress the team has made in the FA Cup and long may this joy last but until the real issues in the club are addressed, this is nothing but a joyous glitch in the consistently frustrating Arsenal matrix.

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5 years ago

There are no issues plaguing the team. What Arsenal fans refuse to accept is, Arsenal are the fourth best side in the league. The Gunners are staying competetive because of their manager, not in spite of him. This will become apparent when he goes; whether it is this summer, the next, or the one after that (clearly the owner’s preference). The Premier League is a league of tiers. At the top are, in spite ofthe current table; Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City. Manchester United’s global brand and virtually unlimited revenue stream gives them the ability to sign any player… Read more »

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