Five players Arsenal should consider selling in the summer

Arsenal under Arsene Wenger have never been in such a state of higgledy-piggledy as they are at the moment. With matters getting worse with every passing week, the Gunners seem to have hit rock bottom and the chances of any possible recovery for a top-four finish seem bleak. In addition, the contract issues surrounding two of the club’s best players have made life hell for Arsene Wenger, who himself isn’t certain about his future at The Emirates Stadium.

Come what may for Arsenal, with a mere quarter of a disastrous season remaining, the decision-making process has to be initiated now for the next season, or risk the danger of falling further behind and rendering Arsene Wenger’s years of sacrifice useless. You can’t go into the next season still mulling over contract negotiations or wondering whether a certain player stays or not.

The baggage, in particular, is one key area that Arsenal need to give a good, long thought, since they’ve always had an awful lot of it, giving the impression that there’s enough depth, which, when the time does come, is nowhere to be found. Better to pay those wages to someone more productive, isn’t it?

So here’s a list of the top five players who are supplementary to Arsenal’s requirement and need to be shipped out before the start of next season:

Mathieu Debuchy

Well past his best at the club, Mathieu Debuchy hasn’t even been a squad player. For three seasons running, the Frenchman has made only a handful of appearances, covering up for Hector Bellerin on the odd occasion – even that role is Gabriel’s these days. Defensively weak, offensively poor and slow.

Carl Jenkinson

It’s surprising to see how well did Carl Jenkinson play for West Ham United and how ineffective he is for Arsenal whenever given a chance. The 25-year-old was expected to play some sort of role for the Gunners this season, however, a string of below-average performances have kept him out of the action. His departure is inevitable.

Gabriel Paulista

When Gabriel made his debut against Everton following Arsenal’s 3-1 humiliation against AS Monaco in the UEFA Champions League round of 16, a lot of people thought of him as the real deal and the solution to the side’s defensive problems. A year or so later, he stands as one of the most unwanted players among the Arsenal faithful and rightly so. A fighter without a doubt but that’s about it.

Per Mertesacker

Criticised but never hated, Per Mertesacker is a famous figure in North London for his stature and infamous for his defending. Another player who is simply feeding off his past reputation, the BFG is currently the club captain, but that’s just because of his reputation, not necessarily his ability or requirement as a footballer.

Yaya Sanogo

An obvious name on the list, Yaya Sanogo has somehow managed to be in North London and even be picked, which is beyond anyone of us. More often than not, he has only had a debilitating impact on the team, so it won’t make sense to continue with a player whose only major existence at a club is in the account books, and that too unwanted.

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