Arsene Wenger – It’s vital this player stays at Arsenal

Although he started the season slowly, since switching to a more central role for the second-half of the season, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been one of Arsenal’s best players.

Naturally a winger, Oxlade-Chamberlain has seen his position change due to the long-term absence of Santi Cazorla. His pace, energy, and dynamism make him an ideal player for that crucial midfield role, which has led Wenger to declare him vital to the squad, as reported by the Arsenal website. 

“I personally think it is vital that Chamberlain stays at Arsenal. We bought him when he was very young, we have built him up and I think he has a great mentality and a good football brain. It would be a big damage for us to lose this kind of player.”

“He can lose balls but defensively he is strong in the challenge when he wants to switch on. He has that kind of robustness to deal with body-to-body which is very important in the Premier League.”

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