Former Arsenal target tells Mesut Ozil to join PSG

Julian Draxler has asked Mesut Ozil to join him at Paris Saint-Germain, revealing his desire to play alongside his Germany teammate. 

The 23-year old was one of Arsenal’s top targets prior to his move to France, as the Gunners eventually decided against a transfer because of his price tag.

Draxler is understood to be a close friend of Mesut Ozil, the two being German internationals, and has now revealed how he joked with the Arsenal player about a move to PSG.

“Yeah, I would like to see my friend here, Mesut Ozil, because his Arsenal contract is nearly over,” Draxler told SFR Sport.

“I think he has one more year. I think he is a great player and I enjoy playing with him in the national team and I would love to play with him at PSG.

“Yeah, we speak in a way like friends are talking and I say to him “come to PSG.” He is laughing and he said to me last summer “come to Arsenal.” It is just like this.

“I do not know what he is planning, what his plans are but as I said, I would love to see him here because he is a great player and an even greater guy.”

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