Arsene Wenger – I’m not sure if my future is affecting the team

Arsene Wenger has accepted that he is unsure if the uncertainty surrounding his future has got to his players and is beginning to affect their performances.

The Frenchman’s current deal expires at the end of the season with the contract talks yet to take place (at least that’s what is the popular belief). While a large section of the Arsenal fans wants him out, the players have come out in his support, admitting that the boss has been “criticised unfairly”.

Sadly, the players have failed to demonstrate their support for Arsene Wenger on the field, often playing as if they don’t want him around anymore, or are frustrated about being in dark about his future.

Now Wenger has spoken out, expressing his confusions regarding his players and whether it’s his future that’s affecting them.

“I honestly don’t know but I hope not, when I speak about mental test it is to perform, no matter what the circumstances are around you. Is that an influence? I’d say I hope not.”

“But what is for sure is that in the last three months there has been no consistency, especially away from home. At home we have not been disastrous in the quality of performance.”

Wenger also spoke about Mesut Ozil’s decline, another man whose contract is nearing its end.

“I don’t know. It can sometimes…He may be coming to the end of his contract but you perform until the last day of that contract. That is how I see it.”

“The impact of that (his future) I don’t know. We have to focus on what is important and that is what happens on the pitch. Top-level sportsmen have to be like that.”

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