David Moyes takes swipe at Arsene Wenger following loss

Sunderland manager David Moyes says Arsene Wenger’s comments concerning teams “going on holiday” are an insult to the sport. 

Earlier this week the Frenchman implied that some teams were practically giving up in their last few games. Following West Ham’s 4-0 loss to Liverpool – Arsenal’s top-four rival – Wenger insisted that “some teams turn up, some go on holiday”, Moyes, however, did not take kindly to Wenger’s insinuation. 

“I think that’s an insult to football as I’ve been a player myself. I would hate it if anyone would question me if I was going to chuck a game away.”

“The teams have too much pride, the players have too much pride, every game matters, whatever team you support or whoever you play for, you play for the jersey, and would hope every player would do that.”

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