Arsene Wenger responds to Gerrard’s criticism of Ozil

Arsenal suffered a surprising 1-0 loss to Stoke City yesterday as Arsenal’s usual bogey team once again reared its head. 

Following a thrilling, yet worrying 4-3 win over Leicester last week, Arsenal put in a very poor performance to suffer their first loss of the season. Following the game, Steven Gerrard singled Mesut Ozil out for particular criticism, adding “out of position, you’re a man down”. 

Arsene Wenger, however, defended the German international, who is quite often scapegoated whenever Arsenal lose a match. 

“I think he did fight. It is difficult to single anybody out. I believe we had many, many chances and personally I don’t think he deserves.”

Regardless of the result, it does seem that Ozil is more often than not blamed for Arsenal’s woes. 

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