Giroud deserves more credit than he gets – and here’s why

Since Giroud was signed as a direct replacement for Robin Van Persie in 2012, he has been our first-choice striker for the majority of his Arsenal career. However, his time as undisputed first choice ended as Alexis Sanchez was preferred up top for the 2016/17 season. When he did offer his cameo appearance off the bench, he did perform quite well winning us points with his goals. Most notably when he scored two goals with his first and second touch of the ball against Sunderland and his last-minute equalising goal against Manchester United at Old Trafford. With Sanchez scoring 24 league goals Giroud was mainly a plan B as Wenger sought a more mobile centre forward, hence Danny Welbeck preference as our no. 9 towards the end of the season. 

“I won a few titles in my career, that is an important thing, but there is another thing which is important for me.

“And that’s the people remember you as a loyal warrior on the pitch – that you always give your best for the team.

“And that’s why I want to carry on my good journey at Arsenal and I always want to give my best.

“I would love to win another title, or maybe more until the end of my contract. The motivation is here, always doing your best to make your family proud.”

Considering he has a starting spot in the national team to defend from the likes of Lacazette and Mbappe, Giroud’s show of loyalty is a dream for Arsenal fans as we are too familiar with our players leaving as soon as the going gets tough and other offers come in. When Robin Van Persie left for United for football reasons it was a very bitter taste in many mouths as we had waited an eternity for him to overcome his troublesome injuries. As soon as he did, he scored goals then left. Many more have gone in the past and currently they are some major players that are being linked with moves away from the club and are doing nothing about it. Bellerin’s, Sanchez’ and Ozil’s futures are all in doubt with no apparent movement to squash the rumours.

Besides his admirable loyalty to the club, his efficiency at what he does well has reaffirmed his contribution to the team. On many occasions last season, when Arsenal was seeking a goal then Giroud would be called from the bench and do what he has always done. According to Squawka, he is only second to Cristiano Ronaldo in headed goals since 2012/13 season which only exemplifies his quality with his head. When he was starting for us on a regular basis he did bring his obvious qualities to the team. His aerial presence has always been a valuable asset to the tea, both offensively and defensively. His footwork has markedly improved since his arrival, so much so that his role in Wilshere’s beautiful team goal against Norwich was a joy to behold. His main asset throughout his time at Arsenal though is how he provides a platform for the likes of Ramsey, Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil to play. When the ball is played into him, his first touch has become so good that the ball sticks to him and that allows him to hold up the ball so that on rushing midfielders can go beyond him and cause trouble. As a side note he also has scored the most goals at the emirates stadium. To put that into perspective he has spent the same amount of time at the emirates as Robin Van Persie did before he left.  If you want see any stats about van Persie or Giroud then you can visit https://www.fotboll.com where you can find latest betting tips for Premier League.

Lastly, why should be change what is working. The word ‘prolific’ and ‘Giroud’ usually did not work hand in hand unless somewhere in that sentence you would find the ‘absolutely not’ between. Usually the words usually associated with Giroud would be ‘wasteful’ or ‘slow’ but my personal favourite is ‘lamppost’. His unfashionable qualities have led to become a scapegoat for many Arsenal fans and pundits alike. However, since he was demoted to the bench then he has some extra fire in his belly whenever he takes to the pitch. It seems like he feels like he has a point to prove to the manager, club and probably to himself that he is good enough to be starting for us. This fire in his belly has made him one of the most prolific striker in Europe over the last couple of season. His fire in his belly was evident all over his face when he celebrating one of his goals. It is up to Wenger and his team to manage Giroud’s mindset appropriately to get the best out of him.

In conclusion, Giroud’s publicly announcing his desire to stay loyal to Arsenal is a breath of fresh air. Coupled with the fact that he is facing a battle for minutes for us thus putting his National team place under threat in a world cup year he deserves some praise. His improved, passionate performances have proven a real asset to the team whether from the bench or from the start. Either way, let’s have a round of applause for our lamppost!

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