Premier League predictions: How are things looking for Arsenal?

The Premier League is the most important focus for all English teams, but how are things playing out for Arsenal? Here, Peter Watton from matched betting specialists OddsMonkey gives us his expert insight and predictions for this season.

The 2019–20 season is underway, and we’re starting to get some real insight into how the final Premier League table will shape up. This year, after several disappointing seasons, Arsenal have shown some improvement under new manager Unai Emery and have set their sights on a fourth-place finish in May. But can they do it?

Chances of a top four finish

The retirement of Arsene Wenger is now looking like it was in the best interests for the club. Since taking over, Emery seems to have improved the team, especially this season, with only one loss so far. And with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang looking like he might be the League’s top scorer with seven goals already, Arsenal are in good stead to do well.

With that in mind, things are looking bright for the Gunners, with an 8/11 chance of them finishing in the top four. This is a promising outlook that puts them as third favourite to qualify for the Champion’s League, just behind Liverpool and Man City, both at 1/500. So, placing your bets on them landing one of the top spots could be promising.

But Arsenal aren’t without competition, because Chelsea (5/6) and Leicester City (3/1) could both be in with a chance of stealing a place in the Champion’s League as well, with only one point less than Arsenal at this stage in the season. So, the team are going to have to be on top form if they’re going to maintain their current spot. These could make for some exciting games later in the season, too.

Chances of a Premier League win

If you’re thinking of putting your money on Arsenal winning the title this season, I’d say you’re best spending it elsewhere. Despite some recent great signings this summer, with the likes of Dani Ceballos, Nicolas Pepe and Kieran Tierney joining the team, it’s looking unlikely that Arsenal will manage to bag the top spot at the end of the season, with odds at 75/1. Again, that’s behind Premier League favourites Man City (11/8) and Liverpool (4/6), who look like the surefire favourites to win the title.

The verdict

Things aren’t all bad for Arsenal. They’ve got a good team behind them and if they can keep up their current performance, they’re likely to reach the Champions League come May. Although it’s looking unlikely that Arsenal will become this year’s champions, they definitely have enough about them to finish the season in third place.

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