Bernd Leno AMA highlights: ‘Aubameyang the goalkeeper and DJ Mustafi!’

Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno took part in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) last week.

The German shot stopper gave the lowdown on his team-mates, how he prepares for matches and revealed the surprising goalkeeping qualities of Gunners star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Here are some of the highlights but don’t forget to check out the full AMA on r/Gunners.

On studying other goalkeepers:

“To be honest I study every time I’m watching football. I look at the keepers, the game and the strikers. In the Premier League we have the best goalkeepers because there are so many top goalkeepers here. The top goalkeeper last season was Alisson from Liverpool. He’s good with his feet, good at crosses and is playing high with a high defence, which you need at Liverpool. Ederson’s also very good with his feet, De Gea has unbelievable reflexes and reactions. When I watch the games – and I like watching the games – I always study them. I don’t want to copy them, though, it’s only to see how they play. We’re all different to each other, so it’s just about finding our own style.”

On the Arsenal dressing room:

“In the dressing room we have a very good atmosphere. There’s always music and positivity, always laughs. Of course after bad games the atmosphere isn’t as good as after a win, but that’s normal. But we love to listen to music. What we listen to depends who is the DJ really. If Musti’s the DJ, it’s German rap. If it’s the French guys it’s French rap, if it’s English guys, it’s English rap. Musti is definitely the joker – he’s always talking!”

On who the best outfield player is in goal:

“I think it’s Auba! I don’t really know about his quality as a goalkeeper – I don’t know who could be the best – but I saw that many times Auba would make some good saves after training in free-kick challenges. He was flying very well. I was very impressed and he could be a good choice if I got a red card and we made three changes already!”

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Far out
Far out
2 years ago

Great player

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