Are we set for the strangest transfer window on record this summer?

The 2019/20 Premier League season is yet to finish and will likely cause a shortened summer break until the 2020/21 campaign begins. In the midst of everything, a summer transfer window will take place which could go down as being the strangest on record.

Will Arsenal go with ‘business as usual’, will we see a huge reduction in prices being paid and how will player wages be affected by all of this, questions that we will see answered over the coming weeks.

There is no blueprint to follow for this, teams will be acting on instincts, and updates from both the Premier League and their own financial team who will be looking at what kind of money is coming into the club.

How Much Impact Will Behind Closed Doors Games Have on Revenue?

The remainder of the current season is set to be played behind closed doors. Much of the financial talk has been surrounding how much clubs will have to pay back to TV companies if games are not fulfilled.

Nothing has been said about the cost of reimbursing fans, or how much money is lost by having no matchday income. This shows that the league can survive without this, and if this pandemic has shown us anything it is that football without fans on TV is a viable option.

Providing that games are on TV, betting will always be a part of football for many people, even if they don’t attend. Many bookies offer risk free bets on football and these will continue to be a hit with fans who are placing wagers on the action.

There is a good chance that games next season will require to be played behind closed doors or with reduced capacity, but that hasn’t been flagged up as a huge problem for many clubs in the top flight, which tells you all you need to know.

How Will Prices & Wages Be Affected?

This is going to be fascinating to watch. Player prices and wages have been rapidly rising and are far too high at the moment.

The market is going to be full of teams who are trying to get wages off the books to balance things out, while we could see very few active buyers out there.

Does this mean that the prices of those players who need to be moved on will be rock bottom? Will we see players moving for free, just to get their wages off the books?

If there are teams out there who are prepared to take risks and spend money even though they have less coming in, there could be bargains waiting to be had. Arsenal have already completed one summer signing, though this is seen as a very low key move.

Is it Possible to Plan for the Unknown?

Teams will plan for transfer windows, draw up a list of players they would like to move on, a number of positions they would like to improve on and named targets they want to pursue. Can any of that be done this summer?

We don’t know what the 2020/21 season will bring, will clubs want to keep money in the bank just in case? Could we see the full season behind closed doors for the Premier League and competitions lost?

While these may seem unlikely at the moment, they certainly cannot be ruled out by any stretch of the imagination right now. Teams have to decide what they want to spend before the season begins, planning for the unknown.

Expect a cautious approach from the majority of them because of this, although a few are sure to provide us with fireworks.

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