Arsene Wenger says he’s not a candidate to become Arsenal chairman

Sir Chips Keswick was the Chairman of Arsenal from June 2013 until his retirement in May 2020. Last week, former Arsenal player Martin Keown said in an interview with talkSPORT that he thought Arsene Wenger would be a good candidate for the job. 

In an interview on the Keys & Gray show on beIN Sports, legendary former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger answered a question regarding whether he was a candidate to be the next Arsenal Chairman. 

“The candidate says he is not a candidate.”

In a recent interview with Amy Lawrence of The Athletic, Wenger stated that due to the impact of the coronavirus in the world of football, the strong would get stronger and weak would get weaker.

He was asked by Richard Keys whether as a result of the strong getting stronger, the probability of the formation of a European Super League made up of the continent’s elite clubs was higher than it has ever been in the past. 

“Well, it will happen at some stage. Will this accelerate the movement? Maybe, I don’t know. But we’ll face another big problem in the game that neither you, nor Andy nor I can solve. It is the calendar, the schedule, you know? That means we will add more games. How far can we go before this world explodes because there are not enough dates anymore to play the number of games we want to play for the elite?”

Keys made his question more specific. He enquired about the possibility of a super league that moved big clubs beyond domestic football and caused them to shift their priority from domestic to European action. 

“I would say, being completely crazy, I would think the next step at some stage, the Super League will come in. And because I am completely crazy, I think the only way to sort this out is to regroup the international games and to merge them in a short period. Because you lose many dates during the season. You lose five dates during the season and the only way to sort the schedule out at some stage will be to regroup the international games in the shorter period at the end of the season.”

Back in 2018, when asked about the formation of a European Super League, Wenger said:

“The Premier League has become a worldwide championship. The next evolution? You will certainly have a European league over the weekends. A domestic league will certainly play Tuesday and Wednesday. I think that is the next step we will see.”

It will be interesting to see if the financial implications of the coronavirus cause any possible formation of a European Super League to accelerate.

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