Arteta on Aubameyang’s future: “I am pretty positive that we can find the right agreement for all parties”

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta is optimistic that the club can reach a contract agreement with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabonese forward’s current contract is set to expire at the end of the 2020/21 Premier League season and is yet to agree to a new deal with the London club.

Last week, the 30-year-old opened up about the matter to Telefoot and revealed his intention to challenge for trophies. Aubameyang said his decision could be the most important he will make in his career.

Speaking to the media ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Manchester City on Wednesday, Arteta said the club must show him why he should stay.

“I think it’s our responsibility to make him feel that this is the right next step in his career,” said Arteta. “In order to do that he needs to feel valued, I think he needs to feel that he belongs to us and we want him.”

“And then he really needs to believe we can take this club forward in the way we want to do and he’s going to be a key player to do that.”

“I think at the moment I am extremely happy about the way he is performing and behaving. I think I have a really good relationship with him where we can discuss face to face a lot of things. As far as I’m aware, I think he’s very happy at the club.”

During his interview with Telefoot, Aubameyang revealed that while talks have been made, the club is yet to make a formal offer. Despite this, Arteta is optimistic that a deal can be made.

“We’ve had many discussions with Pierre, his family and agent, and I’m pretty positive that we can find the right agreement for all parties.”

Also, the head coach believes qualifying for the Champions League this season would make the situation easier for the club.

“I think that [finishing in the top four] will help to persuade anybody, but we are very lucky to have the club that we have right behind us.”

“There are a lot of players who want to come and join us, but it’s not just about who do we want to attract, it’s about how happy the players are that are here and how convinced they are that they’re at the right place.”

“It’s almost our obligation to be fighting for every trophy and playing in the Champions League with this club.”

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