Guendouzi ‘taunted Brighton players’ about ‘making more money’ than them

Gunners midfielder Matteo Guendouzi took jibes at Brighton players during Arsenal’s match against Brighton by saying that he and his teammates made more money than they ever would, according to the Daily Mail.

The French midfielder avoided a ban after videos emerged of him grabbing Brighton striker Neal Maupay by the throat in the closing stages of the game. The Brighton player fell to the ground holding his throat after this incident and it resulted in tensions flaring up between members of both sides. 

Guendouzi was understood to have been incensed with Maupay for his involvement in Bernd Leno’s injury in the first half of the game. He was also rumoured to have berated the quality of the Brighton players during the game. 

If the rumours about Guendouzi taunting the Brighton players about money turn out to be true, the Arsenal midfielder is sure to be in hot water with his coach Mikel Arteta and the rest of the Arsenal hierarchy. 

Guendouzi has already had a run-in with the Arsenal boss who dropped him for a game against Newcastle right after the squad’s winter training camp in Dubai due to what was described as a lack of professionalism. The central midfielder cannot afford to get in trouble with Arteta again and will have to maintain discipline and professionalism if he is to have a long term future at the club. 

There is no doubt about his quality and potential but Arteta expects certain non-negotiables from his playing staff and he will not think twice before binning a player if his expectations are not met.  

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