Francis Cagigao posts a farewell message to Arsenal

Arsenal’s former head of international scouting Francis Cagigao has posted a farewell message to the club on LinkedIn, as per Chris Wheatley. It was recently announced that he had lost his job after over 24 years of service to the North London side. 

Cagigao is credited with discovering a number of players during his time as Arsenal’s head of international scouting including Cesc Fabregas, Hector Bellerin and Gabriel Martinelli. 

His association with Arsenal first started when he joined the Gunners as a youth player in 1984. He spent four years at the club before moving to the Barcelona B team. Cagigao returned to North London just under ten years later and began to rise up the ranks at Arsenal before becoming the club’s head of international scouting. 

He has said that Arsenal have a very good head coach in place and are not far away from having a winning team. He also said that a lot of good groundwork has already been laid for the club to be successful in the near future. 

The North London side’s decision to dismiss Cagigao came as a surprise to many in the football world as he has an impressive track record during his time at the club and is very highly rated across the continent. The decision to let Cagigao go is a part of technical director Edu Gaspar’s plan to revamp Arsenal’s scouting infrastructure and strategy. 

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