Ozil’s agent admits that the player could join Fenerbahce this month

Mesut Ozil’s agent, Dr. Erkut Sogut, has admitted that the player could join Fenerbahce this month, according to BeIn Sport TR via football.london

The German playmaker has been heavily linked with a move to the Turkish side in the January transfer window. Some sources in Turkey indicate that it is a question of when this transfer will take place and not if. 

The former Real Madrid man has six months remaining on his contract with the Gunners and is free to sign a pre-contract agreement with the club of his choice. He is reportedly in talks with Fenerbahce and MLS side DC United. Arsenal have been keen for the player to leave the club for a significant period of time and as long as a suitable agreement is found, they will be more than happy to facilitate a move for the 32-year-old this month.

In a recent Twitter Q&A with his fans, Ozil admitted that he would like to play in Turkey at some point in his career and that Fenerbahce is the only club he can envisage himself playing for.

Speaking to BeIn Sport TR, Ozil’s agent said:

“Of course I can’t say too much about this right now because of confidentiality. Even if I want to I couldn’t say too much about this. But everybody knows a bit.”

“There is a short period of time left on Mesut Ozil’s contract. In the summer this contract will finish as everyone knows. At the moment Mesut is free to talk to any club he likes. English rules dictate that you can talk to any club once you get into the final six months of your contract. We’re doing this at the moment. We’re in this process.”

“At the moment Mesut can sign a new contract with whichever club he likes. He’s free and he’s free to do that. We are doing this and of course Arsenal football club knows this.”

“Within this there are two alternatives. Either we stay until the end of the season and leave later, or after striking a deal we will leave in January.”

“Basically, there are two options. Both sides appreciate this and obviously both sides need to be happy to strike a deal. Mesut has been working here for nearly eight years. And because of that these things don’t get sorted in one or two days unfortunately.”

“They are going to be handled correctly and professionally. Hopefully between both sides, especially for us and Mesut, no matter what it can be sorted as soon as possible.”

Sogut went on to admit that Ozil has always wanted to play for Fenerbahce but insisted that nothing can be confirmed until a deal is signed. He said:

“If he comes to Turkey then he will play for Fenerbahce God willing. Mesut has always said this. Let me tell you he has told me ‘in my football career I am going to play for Fernebahce.’ I’ve been working with him for eight years and we’ve touched on this topic a few times and Mesut always said, ‘one day I’m going to play ball for Fenerbahce.’ Like I said, I can’t give you a percentage. As I said a little earlier this is a process. While we’re in the process we have to consider every possibility.”

“To say that something has happened or won’t happen would be wrong. Until the contract has been signed we can’t say anything is finished.”

“And because of that before we have signed our name on the contract no one can say this deal is finished. At the last moment unbelievable things can come up.”

“Let me put it this way, if it’s good it will happen, but if it’s not good then it won’t happen.”

Fenerbahce president, Ali Koc, admitted that a move to sign Ozil was ‘closer’ than ever before. He told Sky Sports:

“Let me make a statement about (Mesut) Ozil. I am still saying it’s a dream.”

“If you are aware, we as the Fenerbahce Sports Club, never made a single statement about this. What’s important here is that Mesut (Ozil) can address the issues with his present club.”

“We can say that this [Ozil’s transfer] is a subject that we are closer to in comparison to the past. There isn’t a single thing that is finished, it may end or it may not end. Therefore, these types of stories being published in the press make our hand weaker. We will see what the days ahead will show us.”

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