Brazil legend Marcos Reis explains why he snubbed Arsenal move

Photo: Photo: Dieci Football Entertainment

Marcos Reis, the 2002 World Cup winner and Brazil’s one of the most highly-rated goalkeepers of his time, has revealed why he chose to sign for a local club despite Arsenal’s interest in him.

“I used to travel with the national team to play some games (outside Brazil) and I knew I wouldn’t adapt abroad,” the Brazilian told Podpah (via ESPN). “I’m a big countryman… I like bars, these things. I’m not a guy who was born to live in London. I can even visit, hang out for 10, 15 days, but I’m from here.”

Money was never Marcos’ priority. He knew that the Gunners would pay him a hefty amount to join them at the Emirates Stadium, but he chose to stay in Brazil instead.

“But I felt that I wouldn’t be happy there [at Arsenal]. I thought I would earn good money, but my life would be bad.”

He retired from the sport in January 2012 at the age of 38. Marcos takes pride in spending his entire career playing for Palmeiras.

“I’m from a generation that when you arrived in a big team in Brazil, it was too much. I liked to play for Palmeiras, there was the issue of love involved too. Sometimes it was very bad when we lost, it was very painful, but, when we won, it was double joy,” Marcos continued.

“It’s just like having a Ferrari, you know? It’s nice to have a Ferrari in Italy, but having one in Brazil is cooler, right (laughs)? I really liked playing here.”

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