Jack Wilshere reveals emotional conversation with wife as he continues searching for a club

Wilshere reveals emotional conversation with wife amid his club search
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Former Arsenal star Jack Wilshere has opened up about his struggles to find a new club after being Bournemouth released him at the end of last season.

“I had this conversation not long ago with my Mrs, I just said to her can you tell me when, not when I’m ‘mugging myself off’, but when I’m trying, training every day on my own and I’m questioning it, having questions on why am I doing this if the club is just saying no,” Wilshere said while speaking on Under The Surface podcast.

“I said to the Mrs, look just say to me when it’s enough, stop going to train on your own and maybe try and focus on something else.”

The 29-year-old midfielder has a reputation for getting injured often. He featured in 125 games for Arsenal from 2008 till 2018. In a Premier League career that spans a little over a decade, Wilshere missed 208 games due to injuries. He has had stress fractures, fatigue fractures, hairline fractures, knee injuries and groin problems.

Top clubs know the quality Wilshere brings to the table, but they don’t seem to like how often he gets sidelined.

“I’m probably paying the price more than I did back then, and I can feel that now because I think it’s a perception and I’ve had this opinion from a few clubs; ‘great player, but an injury waiting to happen,'” the midfielder said.

“I haven’t been injured since before lockdown, and it was not a serious injury, I’ve trained every day. When I was at Bournemouth I was available for every single game, so I feel like it’s a lazy answer because I can. Give me a chance, let me prove myself to you then, show you that I’m fit,” he continued.

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