Nuno Santo dodges punishment for ditching interview after Arsenal game

Nuno Santo dodges punishment for ditching interview after Arsenal game
Photo: 90min

Tottenham Hotspur manager Nuno Espirito Santo did not appear for an interview after his team lost 1-3 to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday. According to Daily Mail, Sky Sports allowed the manager to skip the interview because the Tottenham fans were hurling “x-rated abuse” at Nuno.

The Premier League has, however, decided not to hold the Tottenham boss responsible. Usually, managers who don’t appear for the mandatory interviews or press conferences are either warned or fined.

Nuno was appointed the Tottenham manager this season, replacing Jose Mourinho. He had been managing Wolverhampton Wanderers from 2017 to 2021 before coming over to the White Hart Lane. The scrutiny seems unfair to Nuno since he has just taken charge as the club’s manager.

His run with the Wolves shows how he excelled with a mediocre team, helping the Wolves get back to Premier League after relegation.

Under Nuno, Tottenham have lost three of six games in the Premier League so far. They stand at the 11th spot with nine points, just below the Gunners.

Before the Arsenal game, Tottenham had lost to Crystal Palace and Chelsea in the league games this season. They are scheduled to play Aston Villa next at home on Sunday.

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